Shikhara Kumbhabhishekha : The Gopura Kalasha will be energized with hymns and holy water on the top of main Temple on last day.

Sahasra Modaka homa : It remove all the obstacles offering Ganesha 1000 modaks. As per Shasta (text) a person can fulfill his/her wish by offering 1000 modakas to ganesha.

Navagraha Homa : To receive the blessings of nine planets. This Homa involves varieties of things for offering.

Vastu Homa : To purify the place we live in. It is believed that thru Vastu, one who lives in earth also controls the earth. Vastu pooja remove negativizes from earth.

Sai Paduka pooja : When a man turn into devotee then he will accumulate devotion. For such devotee Guru is everything. The Paduka pooja shows his thanks towards Guru. In this pooja we will provide all the things. Devotee will have a Paduka as a prasada.

Jaladhivasa kshiradivasa : Pushpadivasa- phaladhivasa- shyadhivasa: these are the procedures to purify the new deities. The deities will be kept in Water, Milk, Fruits, Flower. The pooja will be day 2 and day 3

Laksharchana : reciting Baba’s 1000 names (as per count of 100000). All Devotees will be involved in this pooja. Will provide all the materials from the temple.

Rudra Homa : Worshiping Lord siva with famous Rudra Hymns. Listening to or praying with this mantra will please Siva.

Dattatreya homa : There are many types in Guru parampara.
Baba is considered a avadoota. Dattatreya is the first deity in the Avadhoota lineage.

Shanichara tila shanti homa : Among the all planets, Shani’s blessings is important. This homa is remedy to remove all Shani dhoshas.

Gaja Pooja, Ashwa Pooja, Go puja : We believe the omni-presence is everywhere. Especially worshiping Gaja (Elephant), Ashwa (horse), Go (cow) considered secret and blessings.