Type of Puja At Temple At Home
Archana 5
Aarathi Seva 10
Baba Abhishekam (Thursdays & saturdays) 25
Rudrabhishekam 51
Vaahana Pooja 25
Visesha Ekadasavara Rudrabhishekam 101
Sathya Narayana Pooja 101 151
Sai Sathavrata 101 151
Naamakarana 101
Anna prasana 51
Aksharaabhyasa 51
Kalyanotsava 151
Sankastahara Chathurthi 101
Upanayanam 201
Vivaham 501
Homa (except Chandi) 151 351
Chandi homa 501 Call
Shraadda/Tarpana 101
Choula 51
Annadhaanam (Saturday & Sunday) 100
Flowers to All Dieties 150
Weekly Archana in your (family) Name 301/yr
Pudavatti Seva 2501

The above tariffs do not include Gurudakshina. For services outside of CITRUS county, Please add $50.00 to the above tariffs.

All at Home Services must be approved by the Management. Please contact Dr. Padma Reddy (352-746-9317). Due to the large number of out-of-town devotees visiting the temple on Thursdays and Weekends, the priest is not available on these days for out-of-town services